Friday, August 29, 2014

WaPo warps the wrap

Is it possible that our mentors at The Washington Post now deem it safe, in Olivier's famous use of the term to Dustin Hoffman, to cast the unmistakably stern language of diplomacy in the President's news conference on Russia's intervention in the Ukraine, as simply too wussy for their outright bias for war? That this newspaper announces its demands, not on behalf of the aggrieved state, but in the Trumanesque invocation of every state, everywhere, is less not-able than its reluctance to state its unexamined motive: American hegemony. The editors occupy a defunct thrillset of degenerate recklessness; and they insinuate, humanity is to blame. 

   Who survived the passage of 
   conception, only to be de-
   livered to a planet torment-
   ed by that delusion?

Alex Shou
Nostalgia 10
Oil on canvas, 2011

The Editorial Board
The West Must ...
28 August 2014
The Washington Post©

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