Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scotland's victory

As I write, the polls have just
closed in Edinburgh, and I have
poured a sip of whisky from Is-
lay, over a single ice from Fi-
ji. Before the results come in,
we have them. It is another day
of Scottish triumph, and I have
no doubt, we are all the better
for it.

The Scots have reintroduced,
templative standard of upris-
ing, which I fear has been o-
verlooked in many people's 
dread of demagogues, such as
my own and that of my friends.
It isn't easy to possess the
natural right - a Scottish in-
novation - to self-determina-
tion, and lay it by indefinite-
ly, for fraternity's sake. E-
quality rises ever more acute-
ly in the balance, as liberty,
of whatever proportion, shows
prejudice in her distribution.

I believe Scotland has captured
the flag of the United Kingdom,
if not wrung her own from it in
today's historically universal
turnout of eligible voters, in
peaceable polls throughout her
borders. This has no precedent;
the appetite it displays, com-
mands our respect. Its daunt-
ing confidence confirms its 
heritage. Its manner commends 
our humanity. This is the civ-
from the cradle.

No trumped up purple thumbs, no
UN observers to monitor the dig-
nity of the facts, not even a
star in the East, but an elec-
tion setting the union's agenda
more unequivocally than any
Queen's Speech. Her Majesty's
government has been chastened,
and the world now watches how
equitable it shall be. 

If not opprobrium, then awe and
bitter irony fall upon the soothe-
sayer marketmakers of doom, in fa-
vour of a refusal to vacate the
United Kingdom. I preferred their
of sustaining an irreproducible
patrimony of diversity in our
English-speaking cultures. But 
the "No's" offered cowardice as
a way of keeping whole; and e-
even if they win the vote, they
were certainly demolished in the
process, and reek in its outcome.

With malice toward none, with
charity for all, hovers anew in
the English-speaking air, for a
nation to embrace it. Look, what
Scotland's done.

Abraham Lincoln
March 4, 1865

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