Thursday, September 25, 2014

Withering the grass for God

The setting could not have been more
scrupulously structured for the hues
of irony. Beneath a banner citing a
verse in Isaiah, The grass withers,
the flowers fade .., the Southern 
Baptist Convention kicked out a con-
gregation who have come to peaceable
terms with same-sex relationships, 
rado. Such a strife-torn jurisdic-
tion, our higher State's become of
late, I hope the Little Nell goes on.

Not to be outdone - as, when have
they ever been - our Brokeback
Mountain Roman Catholics have put
shall we say, "down," or "in it"
again - by shunning a sexagenarian
couple of long membership in the
Church, for marrying in Seattle.
No one has alleged jealousy in the
congregation, for the ceremony's
taking place near the water, but
sages in the Style section have
cautioned against ruling it out.
But the newlyweds had paid the
standard extortionary price for
indulgence, long enough: closet-
ing themselves in silence, for
decades of devotion in that com-

Somewhere near us all, is a State
to shelter us from such corruption,
where the word Isaiah cited is re-
stored, even as the legions of its
withering, surely hear it coming.

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