Tuesday, December 30, 2014


An idiomatic phrase, denot-
ing desire-window, connot-
ing to us, window-shopping, 
became lately a category of 
posting at a web page I know, 
which is concerned with tex-
tiles and other tissues of 
taste among people of deco-
rating interests in France.

My observation is that all
are born with decorating in-
terests, but that France pre-
serves a wider demilitarised
zone for us than most Western
cultures. It is a wonder, if
one thinks about it, that we
never hear of a depletion in
taste in the culture most of-
ten cited as disseminating it, 
and with such little regard
for who exercises it. Can it
be, that the human right is
not rebellious when embraced?

Not that this cultural and
psychological reality lacks
for historical derivation,
in feudalism, Catholicism,
and openly ironic absolut-
ism. The Protestant, plu-
tocratic, and capitalistic 
societies haven't synthe-
sized it, and would not
if they could. No one is
to blame for this acciden-
tal cultural injury, but
its legacy proliferates -
to make taste, dangerous.

Is this ever sustainable?
Who will mind if it isn't?

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