Sunday, January 25, 2015

Decisive moments we've survived

You know, I think I'd al-
ways wanted to affect an
open collar, but it was-
n't until events allowed
one to do so, that he and 
I were persuaded that it
would not make one resem-
ble Bastiaan van Gaalen. 

Mind you, the eye does
race to affirm the like-
ness, but then accustoms
itself fast enough to the
speed of light, as to run
right on past. Even so,
you can't know the rush 
of that first harrowing, 
rational, defenseless ap-
prehension, of collision 
with that reckless, ruth-
less organ; but this only 
makes any escape the more 

Alexandre Benois
Costume design for 
  "Tsarevich Aleksei"

Don Hong-Oai
Tianzi Mountain, gibbons

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