Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday commute c: settling into something fresh

When one considers how keenly London,
like all large cities, resents physic-
al exercise, unless taken with some 
practical and immediately utilitarian
object in view, this young man's calm,
as he did this peculiar thing, was a-
mazing.. The whole thing affords a re-
markable object lesson of what a young
man can achieve with patience and per-

  And so it was, that again
  I found myself outside in
  plain view, so to speak,
  in taking on a new bit of
  reading in which I knew I
  should be unable to inter-
  est a soul. This is from
  the opening paragraphs of
  a text I opened last night,
  published a hundred years
  ago. London has grown more
  tolerant of public calis-
  thenics, if rather less of
  unutilitarian, much less
  escapist research in print.
  Yet I predict the same even-
  ing of the score, that comes
  with cashmere sweats, for a
  reader who's willing to com-
  mute his Saturday sentence
  to 100 refreshing reps.

Even the little children who infested
the [square] forbore to scoff, and the
customary cat rubbing itself against
the railings rubbed on without a glance.

P.G. Wodehouse
Something Fresh
Overlook Press, 2005©

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