Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not too early, I trust?

   I've commissioned a draw-
   ing from a man whose blog, 
   (he says) is a diary. Oth-
   ers declare their reasons.
   Like all public interven-
   tions, this young form in-
   vites skepticism; and that 
   is possibly enough excuse.
   Which came first? 

   That vice has agility, and
   a lack of calm, legs which
   keep it trustworthy. There
   is no such thing as a com-
   placent skeptic; and it of-
   fends not just us, inherent-
   ly, if conceit postures as 
   intellectually conservative, 
   but the sloth it would be.

   It's not too early, then, I
   trust, to think about one's 

        One obvious reason was of course
        the need, particularly acutely
        felt after the excesses of ideal-
        ist metaphysics, to discover a
        criterion for the exclusion of
        what was literally nonsense.

Isaiah Berlin
Concepts and
  Categories: Phil-
  osophical Essays
  iv  Logical Translation
Henry Hardy
The Viking Press, 1979©

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