Monday, March 30, 2015

Portrait of a household under siege

  Anticipate photogenesis,
  but gather up the read-
  ing lamps and cachepots
  for the excursions of a
  newborn English dog.

  Two years ago,
  his plane ar-
  rived from Cal-
  ifornia and he
  became Virgini-

  He's better at
  it, right down
  to his accent.

   I requested an
   they sent me a
   cavalier. When
   there are wood-
   cock, his ora-
   tions stir the
   County. And be-
   tween these ep-
   isodes, we are
   plotting their
   return, polish-
   ing our marrow
   spoon, quietly

   His genius for

   the victimless
   pounce has not
   yet gained the
   panache of his
   rising. Yet we
   accept this in
   such répartée,
   as heralds all
   to play.

Winchimes Cypress Point