Thursday, April 9, 2015


The Southern Poverty Law Center, whose
address has been in the sidebar here,
as Context for years, bring perspec-
tive to policy announced by the White
House this week as a Presidential ini-
tiative in human rights, lacking pre-
cedent in our politics except as prop-
aganda. The Obama Administration has
recommended the abandonment of the na-
tion's infamous abuse of psychiatry

Like many of my generation; no, like
all of us, who must always wonder why
we were not slated to die with friends
in the great health crisis of the 1980s
and 1990s, I see the breakers of the
present as humane footnotes of benumbed
existence. I scan the waves for all the
life they once so exuberantly held, to
pass the word of the torment's disinteg-

I cannot, and would not, remark to the
Nothing can taint, nothing can elevate
the place they create for themselves.
This month, this page will reach a mile-
stone in readers, I never contemplated.
But there is nothing in that dull sta-
tistic that can mollify the sense of
achieving nothing, to redeem its license
of time, when I think of those I've al-
ways wished to invoke, claim, praise.

However, I can say, it suits me, and
it suits their memory, that the South-
ern Poverty Law Center are in the boat,
and as they pull, I know we don't have
to say, Hurry. They know the tide.

Martin Pichler

XL, ii

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