Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dutifully padding about the temples of Impression

     Is travel then the mirage where
     the real self itself becomes mi-
     rage ..? When we are in Rome or
     Athens, do they evade us, lost
     under the scurrying modern life
     imposed on them, an ancient ghost
     behind a modern ghost? Do we meet
     always and everywhere nothing but

     Or are there, in Florence, for ex-
     ample, moments when the emanation
     of the past stamped on stone and
     bronze surges up above the present,
     with a greater order perhaps than
     it ever had in the past? This is
     surely so when, from Fiesole, we 
     see the dome of the cathedral like
     a shield made of rust-coloured pet-
     als guarding the city ..


Stephen Spender
World Within World
Random House, 2001©

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