Monday, June 8, 2015

The help and support of the money they love

  I keep coming back to Mrs Clinton's
  untiring justification of her habit
  for making money from the positions
  she adopts, as breaking no law, be-
  ing not unlawful; and more and more
  I realize, Edward VIII proposed the
  breaking of no laws, in involuntary
  obsession with the help and support
  of the woman he loved. He simply of-
  fered such disgrace of his position
  that he received advice to renounce
  it. I don't know why her tax-exempt
  incorporation of a vehicle for good
  works should bid to bear comparison
  with a lax defense of faith, but as
  a lorry for compulsive self-seeking
  I can't shake a sense that it does,
  against the highest office we have.

  Yet, one is asked to ignore it all,
  and who doesn't wish they'd let us?



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