Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Promises we mightn't pursue i

   Well! What a sane suggestion.

   Yes, it was a slow wash cycle.
   The conspiracy against the gov-
   ernment of Greece, albeit count-
   ing its chickens already, aban-
   doned freshening the suspense,
   any longer. The New York Times,
   meanwhile, leapt valiantly into
   the breach, with a stunning sum-
   mary of stains, for declining 
   Governor Christie's offer to 
   serve the sentence he deserves, 
   from the White House.

   These circumstances left the on-
   line sidebar for that editorial
   free to strike a whimsical bal-
   ance, in the management of its
   advertisements. Who would not,
   now that you mention it, stand
   in to spread the truth about a
   candidate of such clothes? In
   a week when not a few people
   are remarking on convergences 
   in many dizzying fulfillments,
   this unusual presentation, not
   to mention the libertine slo-
   gan it rides in on, might have
   caught even the hip, napping.

   We adopt the assumption, not un-
   advisedly, that no one who can
   afford to present himself in a
   broadside at the Times, would 
   waste his money on a race own-
   ed by the Clinton Global Laun-
   dromat. Do we know this Weldon,
   and how much foreign pandering
   experience he has? Will his can-
   didacy penetrate the first tier
   for debate's sake? What element,
   if any, of a bribe seems to be
   missing, in this whole message?
   And yet, should we prosecute on
   technicalities, a platform for
   reconciling both sides on a pla-
   teau of comfort, which might in-
   volve no taxes?


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