Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Coasting on the hustings

What if the Other Party
should nominate for the
Presidency, the winner 
of a contest: who some-
how threaded the needle
of disdaining Trump but
sustaining his loyalty;
of disdaining Bush with-
out excessively condemn-
ing a history he must
defend. Someone who ac-
quired stature from race
to race, managing not to
succumb to anger. That
would rule out the dis-
educating Governor of
Wisconsin, leaving only
the Cuban-American who
refuses to deport the
native-born. I begin to
remember, how it came
down to Barack Obama.

I know, as I turn it
all over in my mind,
our wiser apparatchiks
have long figured out
how to disarm a child-
ish campaign slogan ~

He won, fair and square.

The most salient cri-
terion of human leader-
ship since Bacchylides
is mincemeat for those
who gave us intellect
in Walter Mondale, high
competence in Michael
Dukakis, and who stand
now ready to anoint a
candidate deflecting us
to an abandoned mother.

I anticipate the pride
it will instill in vot-
ers to submit to great-
er virtue, once again.

St Andrew's College
South Africa
Tyron Louw photo

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