Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dust on the myth

A number of commentators -
even apart from Stephen
Colbert - have figured out
that the season's enchant-
ment with Donald Trump is
something of a mirror to a
political culture which is
comically debauched. Only
a few have observed - Paul
Krugman, pre-eminently -
how well he exposes what
Mr Murdoch's news hounds
portrayed, when given the
chance to moderate a polit-
ical debate, that a whole
Party and its machine do
not want to concede, they
haven't a sense of such a
thing as the public inter-
est. It looks like Twain,
Flannery O'Connor, and
Hunter Thompson, yet it's
Summer Liebling, isn't it.

We recognize the Summer of
2015 as the Phony War, re-
visited, with all the con-
testants looking ridiculous
for not engaging each other.
Uniforms are being adorned,
still, tactics being mapped;
and appetites gaining reso-
lution to complain of peace.
No wonder, they just aren't
ready for it.

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