Thursday, September 3, 2015

The peacewreckers gather

Word has spread that radical
Right Wing opposition to the
worldwide consensus embodied
in the arms accord with Iran,
just assured yesterday of su-
perfluous passage through a
gauntlet in the American Con-
gress, is regrouping predic-
tably in many murky corners,
to say nothing of the usual
by Republicans. 

What could be more uplifting
proof of this long-sought vin-
dication of worldwide hope,
than the company which renoun-
ces it? By all means, vigil-
ance against these ostenta-
tious patriots, of one place
or another, simply remains a
part of any gentler regime.
Something about the gift to
be simple.

and Washington flog the Ameri-
can people to betray this ac-
cord as fully and as fast as
endlessly behind their gaudy
arras, humanity's honest watch
requires its own escalations,
in earnest outreach to peace-
ful institutions everywhere.
If this means diverting phil-
anthropies and investments
from their decadent ruts, the
road itself rewards the trek.

Jennifer Steinhauer
Republicans Weigh New Ways
  to Upend Iran Nuclear Deal
September 2, 2015

Photograph Jack Alexander
Photograph Maurice Chalfin
Photograph Gustave Roud


  1. Again this week you stimulate and encourage in me thoughts and musings of a sort few other bloggers manage. And such photographs to illuminate your points, too.

    1. Thank you for your visit and for the offer of these reflections; I have to say, I was happiest in this past week to be made to think of Chopin. With regard to the illustrations, they are sometimes ironic or contradictory of the text, but again in thinking of Chopin, I was glad this was not true. Here, I was presented with portraits which I felt could have carried the text as constituents and players at the same time, but this is not unambiguously fortunate, is it, to suggest they are embattled. Still, I can't help but feel they know they are perceiving the arrival of something good. I have great trust in the protective character of the sense this arouses in them.