Thursday, October 1, 2015

Provocation and resolve

  The Scylla and Charybdis of
  Sarajevo's sleepwalkers are 
  on everyone's mind, we as-
  sume, as the proud, great
  powers scramble to exploit
  and conceal their weakness
  at the same time. This is
  how a reef becomes a port 
  in a seemingly destined 
  storm. Not by prevarica-
  tion, but by posturing.

  But, now. Where were we?

Christopher Clark
The Sleepwalkers
  How Europe went to
  war in 1914
Allen Lane, 2012©

Lord Patrick Devlin
Too Proud to Fight
  Woodrow Wilson's
Oxford University Press, 1975©


  1. You post the most tastful artful photos of some of the most beautiful men ever.
    And I am grateful.

  2. the men captured in your tasteful and evocative photographs are seen no place else. They are beautiful

    1. Your amiable comment addresses a process of selection and visualisation, conducted here, almost entirely never one of photography, itself. Here, I don't think I've ever spelled out more pointedly the thrust of a selection; but if the remarks on a picture's inspiration might be lost, I'm happy to agree that it deserves its own life. Thank you for visiting rmbl.