Friday, November 13, 2015

None of our business, of course

  Yet, just where are
  these promised hordes
  of miscreants, these
  foreign-tainted inter-
  lopers, leaping at
  our pristine Chris-
  tian throats? Are we
  to be denied an Irish
  menace, a Red Scare,
  a slave revolt, crime
  in our streets, and a
  tidal wave of malignant
  STD's in the general
  population, only to 
  lack insidious Mexico,
  to get us to the polls
  to salvage inequality?

  Mr Cruz esteems this
  quadrennial habit as,
  "the rule of law." So
  do we all. A conveni-
  ence of dealing with
  xenophobes is, they
  never beg the ques-
  tion, never flag in
  their despair, but
  exulting in umbrage

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