Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday commute cxxii: Clockwork flight from New Hampshire

The strain of democracy is
recurringly oppressive in
New Hampshire. No more than
24 years ago, we saw a hap-
pily promiscuous candidate
fleeing home to Arkansas,
as word of some of his dal-
liances crested in the news,
tion of a lobotomised mental
incompetent, on the stirring
grounds, We should no longer
feel guilty about protecting
the innocent.

Now another candidate, re-
lated by politics, morality,
a Rubik's cube of tax shel-
tering trusts, and matri-
mony to that exemplary fig-
ure, takes flight tomorrow
to a poisoned city in Mich-
igan, populated by an elec-
toral demographic she pro-
poses to "own" in this e-
lection cycle. The urgency
coincides as exquisitely
with financial embarrass-
ments, as it does with the
anguish of that city for a
glimpse of her uplifting
face, this very weekend.

New Hampshire voters take
no particular offense at
this expedient departure.
The state is crawling with
alien cynics as we speak.

Klaus Fussman
Self-Portrait in Mirror
  in Snow

Yan Pei-Ming

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