Friday, March 18, 2016

Reaping the whirlwind: what did she see ii

The staggeringly salient crisis
of the 2016 election gives two
sides to the face of discrimin-
ation and our forays in its re-
mediation [disclosure: we were
all involved]. The face of Don-
ald Trump, we know as that of
Ted Cruz, less Uriah's heap of 
piety. But the other side, is
the persistent blindness of the
campaign of Mrs C, to seize a
Party's nomination by resorting
to fracking reserves of grati-
tude from Liberalism's Sixties
lode, to the devastating waste
of the white working class. As
often as we are presented with
the demographics of triumphs
in States she can not contest
in November, and vulnerability
in States which she must hold,
she sallies forth heedlessly
against the tide of time, by
clinging to her maiden's ire.

Those who believe it to be ur-
gent for her Party to protect
the nation from Donald Trump,
are catastrophically being de-
livered to him in droves. Who
will demand a candidate for
these times? Who will demand
of the Clinton combine, that
they loosen their grasp upon
that Party's throat, and let
bygones be bygones? And when,
against impervious pride?

 i  Bruce Weber

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