Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday drivers

I would sooner be ex-
posed with a friend,
than complacent with

Heraclitus says of them, The Eyes and ears are bad witnesses for men with barbarian souls. 

I doubt that one could witness them without some diurnal practice with a nearer one.     

                  The lark's breast will open to 
                    the light
                  And a song will hang suspended
                    in mid-air
                  Sowing the four winds
                  With golden grains of fire

                  Liberating earth's beauty.

6th Century BC

Nikos Gatsos

Odysseus Elytis
  Adolescence of day

Edmund Keeley
Philip Sherrard
  and editors
Voices of Modern
  Selected Poems
Princeton University Press, 1981©

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