Monday, April 11, 2016

The old shirts ii

Kelly's art was the art of the flâneur,
but of the flâneur who was immersed in
his own empyrean imagination and dis-
tilled each fragment of the world into
an exquisitely enigmatic form ... The
suppressed, almost covert relationship
between the artwork and its quotidian
subject gives these images their quiet-
ly equivocal power. The experience of
nature is masked as it is given an ab-
stract force, so that these reliefs
turn out to be about something bravely,
thoroughly abstract as the idea of fil-
ling space without filling it.

Our masthead introduction did not say
it better than Jed Perl, above, or Gene
Swenson, discussing Lichtenstein: 

The picture is a stringent but amusing exposure of visual as well as social habits.

Ellsworth Kelly
  Blue Diagonal
New York

Ellsworth Kelly in studio

Flâneur revised 

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Jed Perl
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  1. I can't find it now, but one of your posts mentioned Eugenio Montale's poetry, 1920-1954, which, Amazon willing (facilitating, rather), I promptly acquired, hardback and all, the FSG Galassi translation. I have to thank you for this and so I do.

  2. Galassi's translations and his own work are an especially rich undercurrent here, and can be discovered by using the 2nd Search engine ("Search me/Query") in the sidebar, entering the name, galassi. You are recalling postings dated December 12, 2010 and April 12, 2012, probably. I thank you for returning me to them for consideration. Thank you also for your note; nothing could be more gratifying than to pass such things along, as one of these postings concludes by saying.