Sunday, April 24, 2016

Throwings of the kitchen sink i

       The new unfairness:
       having to own up in
       public to what I've
       vowed for hire, un-
       like all the others
       who're just like me.

       Ah, I see. So would
       it be a profession,
       or where it is con-
       ducted, which draws
       the kitchen sink by
       simply being yours?

       We're in the polish-
       ing, burnishing, re-
       furbishing, and anx-
       iously retrofitting
       phase of our public
       scruples, now, pre-
       paring for anything
       they can mold them-
       selves to stomach.

       If credulity were a
       deltoid we mightn't
       need our epaulettes.

Mark Rothko
acrylic on paper

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