Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Empty nester

  Beyond any comparison in
  American life, it simply
  isn't possible to identi-
  fy an instance of fusing
  the erotic with the dom-
  estic with the exuberant
  consciousness of the ad-
  ventures framed by those
  shelters, that we remark
  in gay couples, a cliché
  representing, by the way,
  all the customary victor-
  ies at double or nothing.
  It is what is wrong with
  this picture. It made me
  uneasy, too. But that is
  an indulgent reaction. A
  house of this kind isn't
  murdered, but blasphemed
  beyond recourse to pity,
  beyond idylls of lament.
  It conscripts our pride.

            As long as the wild boar loves the mountain ridges,
            As long as fish love swimming in the rivers,
            As long as bees pasture upon the thyme fields,
            Cicadas on morning dew, as long as this . .


  Eclogue V
David Ferry
Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1999©

Alessio Pozzi

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