Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Return of the middle pages

 Projections offered yesterday, of
 one last, free night, were contra-
 dicted by lusty claims of politics'
 end by mid-afternoon. Californians
 awoke to the full impotency of the
 self-government they subscribe to.

 Welcome to the rebirth of hedonism,
 the assertion of the divine right
 of overhead cams and a good suspen-
 sion for which their world is known.


 Even as we prepare to reclaim our
 relationship with other interests,
 those middle pages of our papers,
 we expect to hear it is irrespon-
 sible to ignore the obligation to

 Whose hedonism is that, anyway? 

Benny Stilling
Poster for the Danish
  release of The 400 Blows

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