Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Taste song travestied

        He's a big boy now.

 As an infant I was rusticated
 to a farm in Santa Barbara to
 be nourished on goat's milk,
 said to be all that I could
 tolerate. Ever since, I've
 known a keen interest in the
 meaning of nourishment, and
 not without immersing myself
 in the finest cuisine on the
 planet. Later, as a college
 boy, I dined at his home with
 a professor of architecture,
 who had acquired all of the
 same experience, and then some.
 Skeptic of the gentrified pal-
 ate. Years later, at about the
 inception of rmbl, I'd seen how
 his advice, inscribed in this
 masthead, is irrefutably true.
 I relish parody, even clever
 spectacle. Just not enough to
 feed them.

Harvey Fierstein

Torch Song Trilogy

Fanny Latour-Lambert

Oscar Kindelan
Félix Gesnouin

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