Thursday, August 25, 2016

When this is all over

Should we collude, readers here
and I, in a colloquy on what to
aspire to, when the obligations
we face this November are final-
ly met? Should we pursue beyond
the limits of exculpatory refus-
al, humane drinking water, wher-
ever tapped? When the bestial
candidacy is terminated in re-
jection, what shall we propose,
to mark the occasion with a mor-
al motive? Or is that a nuisance.

Fear is all very well, as a de-
fense against the worst. But is
the scale of the horror to be a-
verted this year, to be accord-
ed nothing more than a stake of
facile contempt?

I will be blunt. The model is a-
kin to England, in their immola-
tion shouldered alone, against a
monster. Now we have our monster,
and his retinue of coy apologists
to reject categorically, and our
eyes are upon not merely a nega-
tion, but an elevation. I'm con-
servative, so I want humility.
I'm progressive, so I want hope.
I'm ordinary, so I want liberty.
I'm flesh, so I can be mistaken.

This finest hour is bigger than
tax relief. It wants generosity.
It cannot be voted in. It has to
be poured from every tap we are.

Kyle Schrader

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