Monday, September 19, 2016

In the time of Donald Trump

    If it's loveliness you want, here, take some,
    hissed the black fairy. ..

  People, so humble, all they
  can do is bake things for
  others' consumption: to be
  told, when their success
  has resulted in the shop's
  being acquired -- without
  them -- that they should ex-
  ult to be retrained or even
  resettled, to be useful. 

  No Party is the humane one,

  for very long. If I don't 
  feel the chill, they haven't
  come for me yet. Dare I de-
  pend on them, as strangers?
  How often has this worked?
  Is he a stranger, who does
  not denounce me?

John Ashbery
A Worldly Country
  New Poems
  America the Lovely
Harper Collins, 2007©
op. cit.

Tennessee Williams
A Streetcar Named Desire

River Phoenix

Saul Leiter
untitled snow


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