Tuesday, October 11, 2016

American endgame

   A gathering irony of the locker room
   discovered by Donald Trump is that a
   misadventure in sexual conduct seems
   scheduled to restore the Clintons to
   the White House. The infamous phrase,
   only in America, returns to that hu-
   mid sphere of furtive power plays we
   nurture as the abbatoire of this de-
   mocracy, with a fundamentalist pruri-
   ence and capitalist concupiscence un-
   like that of any other Western socie-
   ty. The smear of 2016 is a precipit-
   ate from the hold of our slave ships,
   our counting houses and our choirs -
   every spring we repudiate, draws us.

   Now this is good news. You don't get
   condensation without air.

La Soule

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