Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Revenons à nos moutons

   Have you tried
   it with cumin,
   aperol, and an
   organic spritz
   of cherry bark

    No, really, I 
    just couldn't

    It's almost awkward even to
    try to mean well, in coming
    to grips with our era's de-
    bauches of vanity over cock-
    tails and other nourishment.

    A man used to be able to go
    home, dress for dinner, and
    get an honest apéritif with-
    out sipping it alone. Times
    speak for themselves. Where
    is Peter Arno, as we drown?

François Chartier
Papilles et Molécules
Levi Reiss
Taste Buds and 
  Molecules: The Art
  and Science of Food,
  Wine, and Flavor
Les Éditions la Presse, 2009©
John Wiley & Sons, 2012©

Peter Arno
Harriet Follansbee!
  In the flesh!
The New Yorker
Condé Nast©

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