Sunday, January 22, 2017

And such a glittering arc of justice, too

First, he had the presence
of mind to rip out of the
Oval Office, the carpet em-
broidered with King's fam-
ous observation on the arc
of justice - it is long.

Much subdued discourage-
ment was muttered, here
and there, among the
faithless at the time,
seeming to project inad-
equately absolute loyal-
ty to America. Thus, the
next thing he did, once
he got the keys to the
place and grabbed a short
night's sleep, was to pre-
cipitate a pissing contest
over crowd size, sending
out his mouthpiece to vow
that the press would pay.

We've all been counseled:
ignore the infantilism of
his conduct, and engage
positively with him where
common ground can be found
in policy matters. Given,
though, that thought, word,
and deed soak up so much
of a fellow's time, to say
nothing of common ground,
they rather do extend the 
arc of justice into policy. 
We will never be ignored 
again; why should he be?

iii  Martina Millen

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