Thursday, March 30, 2017

North Carolina's latest Reconstruction

     A very pretty and almost temperate
     swath of the sub-Mid-Atlantic, the
     first tier of the remainder which
     Virginia didn't want, has hatched
     to rejoin the empire of NCAA con-
     cessions, on the basis of prohibit-
     ing her municipalities to legis-
     late any steps against LGBTQ dis-
     crimination until 2020, at the cos-
     mic earliest, on pain of the usual
     pogroms fomented by Republicans to
     the contrary. Is it to be expected,
     that our collegiate sports monopoly
     is willing to throw countless North
     Carolinians under the bus, to grab
     the joys of showing off in Charlotte,
     in the shadow of a cynicism of this
     superlative perfection? We'll see.

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