Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Canzonetta sull'aria

         At the same time, when I
         get home, I like to feel
         I have slipped into soft
         slippers, while tumblers
         yield to my key, lofting
         me to sweet simplicity I
         have never really known.

We laymen learn from Johnson
every day, whatever they may
be saying in the proceedings
of this or that sublime frat-
ernity. We see this array of
furniture all about us, this
geometry imitated endlessly.

Who will have his courage to
say, it's immaterial; it was
all, always, immaterial. Now
isn't complicated; I built a
stage, but there was Mozart.

I had nothing to do with it,
except to give a frame to my

Philip Johnson
Residence in New Canaan

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