Sunday, August 6, 2017

A story of force without power

Almost every day, under their new government,
Americans have awakened to a farrago of bar-
stool braggadocio of the next momentous res-
toration of their birthright to domination,
in the personification he offers, of their
triumphal embodiment. White racialist joy.

There is no good literature of power, which 
ever so depended on a resort to force. Now
they see an infant with his rattle, offering
force persistently, without access to power.
All he holds is an office. How pathetic for
him, it's but one of several in a republic.

And of the rats, these days, hippety-hopping
about that barque: so many, with such hopes.
So many, striving to preserve the illusions
that produced him, in presentable behavior.
Yet we have seen a literature of power with-
out force, and wonder, who'll defend that?

Herbert List
Temple of Poseidon
Cape Sounion

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