Thursday, August 17, 2017


Through his random suppurations,
the President holds a following
whose attachment is as adamant as
a patch of scabies. Some fragment
greater than 1 in 3 citizens, the
same measure as flunks out of Har-
vard Law in the first year, will
follow him to the end of the end.

This reality argues for refusing
distraction by a lingering lie, 
that he is some eccentric with-
in his own species. When support
is this vast, there can be no
blinking that it is genetically 
intact, to be vanquished as the 
repulsive horde it is. Having 
brought him so far, that brave
Party is now in no position to 
peel away its infestation by way
of individual exculpation. There
are no pretty faces to be pluck-
ed free by self-revision. Look
to the means to expunge them all.
Prosecute their conspiracies.

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