Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Who's raping whom again, Jefe?

 Amidst all our delight in the
 Mad Hatter libretto we enjoy
 in the new government, I have
 always regretted its transfer-
 rence of exploiting our undoc-
 umented residents for winning
 the Sinecure, in underpaying
 wages, in cheating them in so
 many countless ways, that one
 should regard that direst of
 all genital impertinences as
 something of a Party favor.

 So much as even to dream now,
 of squandering this wonderful
 mechanism in exchange, albeit
 extorted by delicious terror-
 ism, for a passive little ed-
 ifice of incurable porosity,
 seems to throw out the bath
 without a bathrobe, i.e., to
 strut, without the requisite
 hair shirt.

ii   Eduardo Seco

iii  Mathias Lauridsen

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