Thursday, November 30, 2017

Modes of dismembership

The most decorated work of overseas
journalism since the Indochina wars,
Philip Gourevitch's "Stories from
Rwanda" (1998), carries the title,
We wish to inform you that tomorrow
we will be killed with our families.

Against the objection to comparison
of the repressive siege in the United
States, with the genocidal "dignity"
of the tribal bloodbath in Rwanda, I
offer the defense only of his ingeni-
ous elevation of the darkest certainty
We resist distraction to the mode
of embedding severe social cleavage,
to highlight denial of the constant.

Dawn after dawn, missing almost never a
day, and persistently escalating nicely
since the riots he praised in Charlot-
tesville last Summer, the President of
the United States has incited barbaric
tribesmen and statesman-enablers to dis-
member every integument of civil space.

This is nothing new. Only the portrait
is new. Is there any coffee left?


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