Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Origins of Wednesday lx: Hurry, now, to drain the silo

  Forasmuch as God hath showed
  thee all this, there is none
  so discreet and wise as thou
  art ..

  In a hot and rapine haste
  to grab, now, tax reform
  for their pleasure - to
  empty every silo of the
  Treasury for their own
  revolting fattening - a
  Party in precarious pow-
  er in the United States
  have suppressed an erst-
  while proclivity to hec-
  tor us from sacred texts.
  To what remission of de-
  lusional pride are we to
  ascribe this omission?


  Who could have expected
  such modesty among the
  great, as to resemble a
  carelessness to compare
  with Pharaoh's butler?

The Leader of this flimsy
hegemony in the Senate has
opined that Alabama's new
Senator could not possibly
be seated - what with all
days - until some distant
date which must convenient-
ly follow the pending rape
of future generations. And
how baffling this is, may
be measured in the Presid-
ent's certitude, that the
new Senator would aid it.

ii  Comme des Garçons

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