Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Once upon a time in Pennsylvania

     We haven't launched a trade war
     against our partners in commerce
     to protect national security or
     to uphold fairness. We've done it
     for one district in Congress, and
     we'll back further away from it,
     in a matter of hours. We haven't
     barred a foreign merger in the
     microchip industry to safeguard
     our cybersecurity. We've done 
     it for applause on a visit today
     to San Diego, and we'll proclaim
     our safety by bedtime, tonight. 
     All the world's a frightening
     mirror to the narcissist in the
     White House, and every day's a
     clawing panic to be flattered. 

     Conor Lamb is on the ballot to-
     day in Pennsylvania, for grown-
     ups. Let's see if they're home.

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