Monday, April 23, 2018

Finding out things

[Freeman, holding forth as usual like
a professor]: "Scientists are still
trying to find out how pigeons can 
find their way home. We don't know
whether they can find their way by 
the stars." [George]: But I know that
camels find their way by the stars."
[Freeman]: "How do you know that?"
[George]: "Because when three wise men
were going to Bethlehem, the camels 
saw a star in the sky, and so they
knew where to go."

Esther is looking through an anthology
of children's poems: "That's funny, I 
wrote a poem called 'Daisy Song,' and 
now I see another author has written one 
too." [Freeman]: "Who is the other auth-
or?" [Esther}: "John Keats."

Freeman Dyson
La Jolla
April 19, 1959
Maker of Patterns
  An Autobiography
  through Letters
Liveright/Norton, 2018©

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