Thursday, April 12, 2018

Folies bourgeois

First one thought, hey, 
remove yesterday's entry,
given that the American
government had only been
practicing, or playing, 
or testing a pose it may
strike to its advantage,
where it's noticed any-
more. Then, no, it would
of Origins of Wednesday,
because they're numbered.

Not that anyone was seen
to have restrained the
American government from
the War Crime to which it
appeared to commit itself.

How suddenly, though, it
percolated about the web
yesterday, that the Amer-
ican government should be
expected to be a little
bit confusing, from time
to time, without the ben-
efit of pantomime excul-
pations of a loyal valet.
Not all clumsiness is con-
tradictory, yet much less
of either can be asked to
qualify as contrapposto.
Where government's intent
is to confuse, can it be

Dancers of the Mariinsky
and Estonian National ballet