Monday, April 16, 2018

It's just life's little accidents that people notice

   In yet another weekend where
   the debate rolled on, as to
   which of the American Presid-
   dent's incompetences poses a
   greater danger than any oth-
   er, it was unnerving to dis-
   cover that he couldn't keep
   his expulsions of Russian in-
   telligence agents to the min-
   imum he intended for the sake
   of flamboyant emptiness, al-
   lowing his staff to multiply
   everyone else's tiny purga-
   tions by the total number of
   expellers. What we all adore
   the most is how this allows
   to claim the sovereign excuse
   of bureaucratic naughtiness.

   Pratfall, no. Scapegoats, yes.
   Meaning well is all his prop-
   agandists need; but betrayal,
   they can never have too much. 
   He'll never do what he means.


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