Thursday, May 24, 2018

End of the clown

Looking back, it seemed to those who
play the long game in Asia - not un-
numbering the two players, Russia and
a Nobel Peace Prize for hosting them
at Portsmouth - that the new American
President had already made every con-
cession to North Korea and China that
they could ever have begged, in with-
drawing the United States from the one
dynamic trade pact in that sphere, of
any counter-balance to their interest.

That bold blow, to isolate America and
wither its reach into the future of in-
ternational economic growth, was cer-
tainly worth a temporary retrenchment
in an exorbitant weapons program of
no productivity, especially if such a
feint might fortify their mark's posi-
ition at the head of his nation for a
second term of sabotage, and result
in the deportation of its forces.

How little like rocket science it was,
Yet through it all, he beguiled his 
people to upbraid him as a racist, a
dilatory misogynist, and incompetent
albeit savage head of state, when all
the time, he was the simplest traitor.

Herbert List

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