Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Origins of Wednesday lxxii: Make Yourself Big Again

ages ago, when Republicans were doubt-
ing him as an indiscreet image of their 
dreams of dominance. He hadn’t yet pen-
etrated the sanctum, but he had certain-
ly defiled it to their level. Now that 
they’ve inserted him, the question an-
swers itself: you wind him up, and you 
get an experience which reason and re-
ality have always denied you. Bigness.

He enjoyed a conspicuously wound-up day 
on Tuesday, revealing visions of things 
to come by legally, once his henchman of 
the previous night’s investiture had been 
installed in the court of last resort. He 
bestowed one of his revoltingly self-indul-
his horde’s “Second Amendment” fantasies, 
jumped-up claimants to non-existent rights 
crushed (and did) without a second thought. 
He went on, to strip the agency almost bare 
of funds, charged with informing the public 
of its rights to health care, to refresh his 
drooling claque with putrefaction much too 
rich to be saliva. And then, heigh-ho, it’s 
off to Belgium he would go, to smear resis-
tance to his sneer with the same foul paste.

Over the weekend, a right-twice-a-day sage, 
Maureen Dowd, icebreakingly analogized Donny 
Thump-Thump to an addict, who has addicted 
himself to his flock’s adulation. In the im-
potence sweepstakes, addicts and sex toys 
share a lot in common, always granting sen-
sation to account for most of it. Sensation, 
that is, which Thomas Jefferson famously in-
sisted was the highest intellectual attain-
ment of his slaves, compared with his genetic 
gift of reflection. A sex toy, we would say, 
doesn’t really care what effect it procures; 
it merely exists to be used. So far as we’ve 
been told, this one’s users are Republicans. 

In crushing the right of health care, exalt-
ing arms against a lawful, lenient government,  
and blocking every exit from their policies in 
legislatures and in courts, where does their 
taste rest, for enslavement? What do addic-
tion and the perpetuum mobile lack in common,
which could ever threaten a user's bigness?

Alexander Calder

Nicole Eisenman
Riding Down the River
  on the Jawbone of an Ass

Capitoline Museum

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