Monday, July 30, 2018

New news of Harvey Weinstein ii

If I could defend Donald Trump for the
criminal assaults he has boasted of a-
gainst women, I'd probably be morally
obligated to do so. But we have Ameri-
can "patriot Christians" to carry that
impossible cross, to every vale of im-
pious wreckage he can bring upon this
nation, the Constitution most of all,
instead of allowing him to be brought
to the secular justice awaiting him.

The word isn't mine, wreckage. It was
reported by the Post today, in a pro-
test by Anne Sofie von Otter, a voice
we've associated with harmony since a
pin dropped in the first hall she en-
tered. Donald Trump teaches us, star-
dom is an immunity from reproach for
gross misconduct, yet even this is a
lie, unless you have those divisions
Stalin marshaled against the Papacy.

Now this lady is a widow because one
really can break a privileged person
after all, with piety she witnessed.
When people deny the existence of i-
rony, terror reigns to protect them.
I'll take secular justice, if I may;
it has less to learn of God's mercy.

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