Monday, July 23, 2018

The effrontery

   I credit the New American Government,
   don't you, with sensitizing us to a
   general crisis of our time, only tan-
   gentially typified in the President's
   indefatigable resolve to Notify us of
   his disturbances in real time. Still,
   if there could be a more banal remind-
   er of the asynchronous persistence of 
   the Notifications storm which seizes
   our devices in self-indulgent demand,
   than the President's hiccoughing har-
   angues from his valise of grime and
   halberds and bile, it would have to
   be that other most ironically named
   nuisance, Flash - a translation sys-
   tem which ingratiated itself early
   with visualization manufacturers, to
   require more attention than will ever
   be justified by its usefulness. And 
   we are to be exercised by torrents of
   corruption in the information we get,
   through conduits of such instability?

   Has it been established, that any at-
   tention span can endure Notification?
   I'm with the President in his skeptic-
   ism. What is continuity worth today?

   But you are, Mr Woltz, a bandleader;

Mario Puzo and
  Francis Ford Coppola
The Godfather
Paramount, 1972©

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