Sunday, August 12, 2018

"Who are you, that we live in all these many forms?"

    The question is posed in voice-over
    as the camera pans from within the
    waterways and canopy of a tropical
    forest, at the 32nd minute of Ter-
    hence Malick's film on the battle
    for Guadalcanal, The Thin Red Line.

    One year ago today, the University
    town down the road was attacked for
    the purpose of denying this question,
    as if whole sectors of this one plan-
    et could be, and reasonably ought to
    be reserved for only preferred forms
    of our common life. This is the gov-
    erning solecism of the President of
    the United States, and the source of
    his power. We have seen, here, how
    unsustainable it is. We recall this
    today, not against our will, but to
    share a place among our many forms.

Terrence Malick
20th Century Fox, 1998©

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