Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Insatiable deformity

The Speaker of the House has described
the proposal of a "wall" sealing the
Mexican border as an "immorality." To
be fair, she has also gone on, to ob-
serve its inevitable futility, never
going so far as to describe it as the
monument to cynicism many say it is.

Or is it. Is it, rather, only the most
grotesque expression politically feas-
ible today, of an insatiable compulsion
to inflict humiliation and pain, already
market-tested in two years in power and
another in purloining it. The pretended
constituency was never satisfied by the
rape of the Treasury or even of the land.
It wants a final solution, though, in a
gold standard all its own. Human life.

If there is anyone who believes that the
achievement of a showy, wasted erection
is where this manipulation will end, he

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