Sunday, March 24, 2019

"If it's bad, George, don't come back"

Who, possibly, could wish to make 
light of the robotic self-erasure
of the principal other country on
this planet where you can request
a whisky, and expect to be served
Scotch? But not even they care to
be reminded of the place, so ten-
nuous now is any sort of union of
clever states with Great Britain.

The politest concession to be of-
fered to the political structures
which used to rule over a quarter
of the globe, is that they became
uninhabitable by anyone. Besides,
who could honestly confess to be-
ing on his knees to remember that
catastrophe by the name, Theresa?

It got bad, and Connie had wanted
to remember them all just as they
sifter of scraps of spycraft when
George was Smiley in a regulation
bowler. Who's next? Take a guess.

English speakers, what revivalism
is for gospelers: a literacy test.

Burt Glinn

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