Thursday, March 14, 2019

Our Paul iii: Victim

At his second Federal sentencing
yesterday, tacking an additional
term of years upon his leasehold
of penal hospitality, our Paul
inspired the district attorney
for Manhattan to offer him some
indictments under New York law,
(an unutterably blunt restraint
upon our apostles of sleaze),
to spare him the embarrassment 
of any freedom inflicted by the
President, whose delirious, lum-
bering reach extends no further
than to the planet and the stars,
but not into the States. But that
was as far as our chronicling of
Paul's transfiguration as victim
of prejudicial prosecution could
extend, we thought, when we saw
a credible image, for a change.

Like the bourgeois boy with a
Day for Night, Sergio Larrain's
portrait of a Chilean child des-
cending a staircase, from about
ten years before, appears again
and again to the conscience as
a missive from a state of trust.

fering Valparaíso, the book he
designed for this photographic
project, in cloth at a discount.
What have we been spending, to
understand our glamorous liars?

Sergio Larrain
1931 - 2012

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