Monday, May 6, 2019

I read my news

The figure being overlapped by a blue
shoulder in sharper focus, of greater
interest to the photojournalist Scott
Olson for Getty Images, is attending
an event illuminated by the wearer of
the smart silk suit, a New York Senat-
or running for President. The news is
his concentration on the proceedings.

I read my news, for the reason that I
would be uninformed, otherwise. I'm
heartened to know, that whatever hay
may be being made, by fame's shining
on this political event, that out-of-
focus figure attends for my interests.

He's not giving an endorsement. He's
not a passive funnel of the promises
he hears. But he's plainly committed,
with the gold standard of the secret
ballot written on his face - defying
deception, thinking already beyond
himself. He seems to have no fear of
our Electoral College, which is all 
too willing to favor blurring him.

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